1. gihan92

    how to setup apache vhost automatically on wsl2 ubuntu?

    i need to setup local domain automatically when i create new project on apache web server.laragon do this on windows.but laragon isn't support for linux. any one know the solution for this?
  2. G

    Add New User with Specific Expire Date

    I want to add a user account to my linuxbox. But this user will have specific expire time which will be specified at the useradd definition.
  3. G

    Disable Selinux Temporarily

    I want to dislabe SeLinux but this will be temporary where after reboot it should be enabled.
  4. G

    Check Java version from Command Line

    I have a Java installation and I have only access via bash. How can I check the Java version from command line.
  5. G

    List Only Usernames

    Iwant to list only users names in a Linux system byusing the /etc/passwd file.
  6. G

    List installed packages

    How can I list installed rpm packages ?
  7. G

    How to list databases from Linux command list?

    I have a mariadb database and I want to list existing databases from the linux command line.
  8. G

    Shutdown system after 3 minutes

    How can I shutdown the system after 3 minutes automatically.
  9. G

    Remove A User From the specific Group In Linux

    How can I remove a specific user from the group?
  10. binny dara

    Linux was happily using dual booted windows and linux and suddenly windows not booting up

    hey people .. not gonna waste your time so i dual booted my windows and kali linux everything worked fine but linux kept stopping for every 2 mins .. so to fix it i went and pressed e on kali linux in grub loader at start and i added nouveau.modeset=0 in command line.. thats a temporary fix for...
  11. G

    Run Local Script On Remote System via SSH

    I have a script in my system. I want to run this script on the remote system which has SSH connection.
  12. G

    Install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner To Linux

    I want to install nessus non commercial version into my Linux ubuntu box. How can I get and install nessus? Thanks
  13. G

    Remove Qemu/Kvm Snapshots

    How ca i list snapshot information and delete snapshot from command line or bash in elegant way? Thanks
  14. nikolaymartin

    Linux File System Inode Count

    I want to get the count of the inode for every file system mounted to the linux? Also free and used inode count information will be beneficial. Thanks
  15. edgeleaks

    Edge Coming to Other Platforms?

    Found in the latest edge leak based on Chromium
  16. kalyanbl

    Is it possible to run a Perl script

    Hi folks, Within Linux I would like Perl script A to launch Perl script B. However, I want script A to continue running without waiting for script B to return. And I would like B to be totally independent so that when script A ends, script B is still running. Is this possible? Any suggestion...
  17. oz1cz

    Case-sensitive file names in Windows' Linux subsystem

    I'm running Windows 10 and I frequently use the Linux subsystem on Windows. If I use the Linux system to create a folder, the file names in that folder will be case sensitive. This will sometimes confuse Windows programs that access the folder. Is there a simple way to modify a Linux folder in...
  18. R

    How do i Print error message on this particular Ping Command?

    Hai, When the internet drops it shows "Destination Unreachable" only in the terminal(termux android) not in the text file. I want the error message also in the text file. Regards, Riya. Linux developer
  19. ragnarok1968

    Free Ebooks for Linux

    Link: FOSS free eBooks (linux: specific and general) I have an account with FOSS and I came across their ebook download site for FREE ebooks, specific linux flavors and general books on linux. I thought I'd post this here for future use and reference to download free eBooks. -Rag
  20. ragnarok1968

    MSFT Linux Powershell core snap available

    Credit: Microsoft's Linux Powershell core author: Paul Hill Microsoft has just launched PowerShell Core as a snap package allowing for the easier installation of the software on many Linux distributions that support snaps. PowerShell Core is designed for admins who need to manage...