Dual boot screen does not appear

Hi, I have an Acer Iconia Tab 8 with Windows 10 on it. I recently tried to add androidx86 (google it, I can't post links yet) on a different partition than Windows, but the boot screen just does not appear for me to choose my OS. I can run the android live from my Flash disk, but services like wifi and bluetooth do not work. Can someone please help me with this one? I have been desperate for the last few days with this...

Thank you!


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Note: I would highly recommend when you dual boot to use a separate HDD for this type. Especially when it comes to dual booting with Windows and Linux on the same HDD. It just causes nothing but trouble.

Yes, I sticked to that tutorial. I'd do that on another HDD but don't want it to be connected to my tablet al the time...


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Try installing EasyBCD and see if it will make the boot menu appear.
It will configure the bootable OS's and show you the boot order etc, and there's a check box for show boot menu.


Scroll down there's a free version at the bottom of the screen.

If the Android OS isn't shown when you open the window, then you click on Add New Entry and select and add it to the list.
You can select the default etc, through the Edit Boot Menu tab, I think this is where you will find the check box to show or not show the boot menu.


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