Windows 10 Windows couldn't create partition, or locate an existing one.

Jatin Kaushal

New Member
Jan 13, 2015
I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from the website, Because I wanted a fresh install, so I started the installation, but now, when I am done partitioning, it says it cannot install. And I DO NOT want to create a new partition table on this, it has a ton of valuable data, which is too much to backup, and I have 2 Linux Distros side loaded with my Windows 8.1 installation. Another thing is, now I don't have windows, I deleted it to test if it works, it doesn't, and now I can't install windows 10. Please help
That message will usually pop up if Windows cannot create the partitions it needs to install. It can not overwrite a prior special partition, so you need some unallocated space for Windows to install.

If we knew you were working with MBR or UEFI configurations, it would be helpful.
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