1. DominikHoffmann

    How to make ISO downloaded from UUPDump bootable on a USB?

    I downloaded a Windows 11 ISO from UUPDump. When I flash that to a USB drive and try to do a clean install on a fanless PC with a Celeron processor, the installer tells me that there is no installable OS on the drive. Because balenaEtcher told me that the ISO I generated was not bootable, I used...
  2. gustavofitzz

    Windows 7 where can i find an windows 7 64bit professional iso without service pack 1

    i really need it can anyone give me an download link for win 7 pro no sp1 iso please i need it must be 64 bits
  3. No Name

    Windows 7 Windows 7 All Languages in one iso

    Hi, I want a Windows 7 All in one iso but not like this : Windows 7 Starter x86 Windows 7 Home Basic x86 Windows 7 Home Premium x86 Windows 7 Professional x86 Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Windows 7 Home Basic x64 Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Windows 7 Professional x64 Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Like this ...
  4. Axel PC

    Free ISO Software Recommendations

    Hello all! Can ya'll give me some recommendations and experiences on free ISO ripping software? I have a ton of music CDs, PC game & software CDs/DVDs, some sonogram DVDs, misc CDs that have children made school projects on them. I want to rip all of these to my computer to archive them. But if...
  5. T

    Windows 10 Cannot transfer iso file

    I have some ISO files on a CD that I want to transfer to my computer, but they always fail after getting to about 14%. It seems to be transferring just fine, but once it gets to 14% it just stops and the rate goes down to 0 bytes/s. I've tried changing security settings and I've tried copying to...
  6. Jatin Kaushal

    Windows 10 Windows couldn't create partition, or locate an existing one.

    I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from the website, Because I wanted a fresh install, so I started the installation, but now, when I am done partitioning, it says it cannot install. And I DO NOT want to create a new partition table on this, it has a ton of valuable data, which is too much to...
  7. Instantly Burn ISO Files in Windows 7

    Instantly Burn ISO Files in Windows 7

    Windows 7 contains built-in support for disc image (ISO) files. Learn how to control the power of this feature from Windows expert Joseph Stackhouse at