"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition" error

About a month ago my dell m6700 precision workstation got an error when I turned it on which said: "Unable to find operating system." This happened when I restarted the laptop. I still do not know what caused it to do it but for the last month I have been trying to fix it. In the end I couldn't find a solution so I just formatted the drives.

I then got a new copy of windows 7 and proceeded to re install it. Thats when it gave me the error above. I have a total of 3 drives two of them are 256gb SSD and a 1TB HHD. I tried installing the operating system on one of the SDDs with no success then on the 1TB drive with the same error. On the second SSD it gave me a different error that said windows cannot be installed because it contains one or more dynamic partitions. I have already tried Diskpart and the convert basic command with no success. Is there any other way to convert it to a basic disk, or fix the error in the subject?

PC Specs:

i7 3940XM Extreme Edition

Quadro k5000m

32gb RAM

Liteon LCS-256 (256gb) (SSD) (Dynamic) 0

ST1000LM024 HN-M (1TB) (HHD) (Basic) 1

Micron C400 Real (256gb) (SSD) (Baisc) 2




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Hi Austin,
apologies your post has been missed until now. Do you still need any help? Also are you actually booting off the Windows installation disk that means changing the boot order so that CD/DVD is first instead of HDD?

I just wonder have you formatted the partition that you wanted to install the Windows at?. It gives these errors when the partition is not formatted or even if there is some error or bad sectors at your HD. Try the check the partition at other computer if you have and if not. There is a lot of programs that use DOS system to check on the HD to see if there is an error to fix. I recommend the link of installation to check at first so to try it and if not so try the fix hard disk issue then and good luck.

You can fix the error easily through diskpart. Just follow these steps
*open diskpart
*delete all the partitions
* use clean command
*now type this -
create partition primary size = 4096
assign letter =D
format fs = ntfs quick label = "Recovery"
create partition primary
assign letter = C
select disk # (# is the no of ur disk most probably it is 0 )
list volume
*select the volume which represents your windows 7 dvd
select volume # (no of ur win 7 os dvd)
assign letter F (or any letter u want)
*exit diskpart
*now type these commands
xcopy F: D: /h/i/s
bootsect.exe/nt60 D:

* now exit your installation and restart your system by removing your win 7 os dvd

this will solve your problem .if any concerns let me know.

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