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  • I take a Time Off, I need to clear my head, too much has happened. I go on vacation where organized means: the Army. See you later.
    To the Staff: I'm glad about your decision concerning ads. It shows a straight and upwards spine, something I always honor.
    A Queen is born! Missed my birthday by an inch, but she's here. We got a daughter!!!
    Thank you Pauli, My middle daughter was also born September 28th. Like you in advance wishing you Happy Birthday and may you have many more.
    For sure.. Although admittedly I had to Google 'Calvinists' as I'd never heard the term before..
    An unbiased opinion is such a rare thing these days.. I just thought it showed some of your character as opposed to the normal everyday profile photo. It's cool! (In my opinion of course..:) )
    Thanks once again for your exceptional donation to the website. It is greatly appreciated and will help continue operations. Much thanks.
    Thank you for your report. The offending spammer and their content were been removed and blocked from the website.
    Thanks for your thanks. It was actually a mistake; I've meant to support you with $50 per month, but my Frankfurter fingers managed, together with my limited understanding, to create 2x that amount... oh my, oh my. Well, anyways, it goes to a good cause. I also hope you bear my somewhat occasional not-so-professional comments and replies.

    Cheerio, Titanic / Pauli
    I would like to thank you for your tremendous donation to the website this morning. It has been greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your assistance.
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