Windows 10 Windows 10 home freezes after update 21H1 ver. 19043.1288


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Hi Windows Forum
I have been experiencing some rather annoying issues with my WIndows 10 Home Edition.
At random times it either gives me a blue screen where it says "Your PC closed unexpected, please restart" or just this evening after opening Battlefield 3 while having a administrating program on for the server and Chrome open, my PC instantly crashed froze. I had to manually kill the switch and reboot in order to get things running, but then appear the repair screen and I just let it auto repair and restart the pc, it freezes to the loading screen as nothing is happening. I did let it sit for 10-15 min and it didn't do much. This kept on happening each time I hit restart on my pc case. A friend of mine said I should put in the media tool (USB) I used for installing windows and I booted up on the USB (First boot deviice) and no repair came and it went directly to windows login screen and I could get in.

I'm wondering what I should do, as this keeps continueing and it's annoying. I haven't downloaded anything nor have any programs that are doing any harm. Pretty much my pc have been a clean pc ever since I bought my windows key 1½ year ago.

Any suggestions what I can do?
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