1. S

    Windows 10 Windows freezes when typing in certain programs

    Hello, Several programs freeze when I type. This only happens after the pc has booted 10 min. Before that, everything is fine. The programs that freeze are the following: notepad, chrome, teamviewer, execute command, device manager, power shell, there may be some that also freeze that I don't...
  2. M

    Windows 10 Week old pc. Daily BSOD

    Hey, I've bought a pc built for me and on the second day it started to experience bsod's. Mostly during gaming but also a few times during youtube or browsing. I've also had freezes where i'm forced to restart my pc. So far i've only tried to uninstall latest gpu drivers and revert back to...
  3. F

    Windows 10 My HP laptop problem

    I'm having a big meltdown right now. Ever since yesterday, I've been using my HP touch-screen laptop and two hours later, it crashes. I meant to say is that it freezes then it restarts. The problem is that when it restarts, I can't connect to any internet connection at all. Then I turn it off...
  4. I

    Windows 8 Pc freezes cannot be explained

    Hello and i will start by saying that i am running windows 8.1 and my problem will be best described by looking at my other two posts on tomshardware and linustechtips My Pc freezes and it is becoming more frequent...
  5. R

    Windows 10 In/Out of Fullscreen causes crashes

    Okay, so I've been searching around and cannot find anyone else with a similar problem. Basically, sometimes when going into or out of something that is fullscreen, it will just freeze on a black screen. Mouse cursor isn't visible, no keyboard shortcuts work, but Skype still works perfectly...
  6. S

    Windows 8 Irregular System Freezes without BSOD

    Greetings, My system (Win 8.1 64bit) freezes at random times. The first time this happened was on 10/3/2015 9:53:45 PM (from Event Viewer: Kernel-Power Error). Here's how it goes: I do stuff at my computer (it only froze when I did multiple things at a time, like playing a game, skyping and...
  7. Skyler Anderson

    Windows 10 Cortana Not Working Please Help!

    Ok so I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Home premium yesterday. Everything works fine except for Cortana. When I first set it up it asked me for a name. I told it my name (Skyler) when I clicked next nothing happened. I continuously clicked next with nothing happening. So I waited on the...