Windows 10 HP AMD driver reverts every restart


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Hello fellow technicians. I installed a fresh Windows 10 64-bit, and everything works except the video driver. There are 3 video drivers to choose from, the Windows Generic video driver, the AMD driver 1, and the AMD driver 2 that I manually downloaded from the HP site. The generic driver works well, and the HP/AMD driver that I manually downloaded works well too. I can go to Device Manager, uninstall the problematic driver #2 and also delete the driver, and then I can use either the driver #1, or driver #3, and it works well, until I restart. When I restart, Windows automatically reverts back to the driver #2 that works very poorly. The symptoms from driver 2 is it freezes every 3 seconds, stays frozen for 1 seconds, then thaws for 3 seconds, then freezes again. I have definitely isolated the problem to the driver, it is not a PC slowness issue, and it is not a virus.

How can I permanently select a driver, and reinstall as many times as needed without the system switching a different video driver? Thanks everyone!