Windows 10 Display freeze after login screen


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Hi all,

My laptop is a Dell Precision 7530 under windows 10 pro workstation.

My issue started several days ago, after a Dell update (using the software 'Dell Command Update') of several stuff that I can't remember the name, my laptop has stopped working. Specifically, what happens is that ~5 seconds after the windows login screen appears, the computer freezes. But note that it's probably only the image display that is frozen. I mean that the screen is frozen, the image does not change and mouse cursor does not move (and pressing window key does not show window tab), but if I press SHIFT multiple times I can hear the sticky keys little sound, if I plug a USB device I can hear the sound of windows recognizing it, etc. So windows 10 is still working, but the display/screen (I don't know the proper term, I'm not native English speaker sorry) is frozen.

Note that this only happens in Windows normal mode. This means I can start in safe mode with no issue at all (I'm currently writing this post in safe mode with networking on this specific laptop).

Because of this issue, the Dell warranty service has changed in the past few days almost all parts of the laptop: new motherboard (with new CPU), new GPU, new SSD, complete cleaning and OS re-installation. However, despite these efforts, the issue is still here... Note that after a complete OS re-installation, this freezing issue is a little delayed. I mean that after the OS re-installation, the installation goes fine, and once it's finished and I'm on the Desktop after the Windows login screen, I can maybe use the laptop for ~60 seconds, before the screen freezes again. Note that after such a complete re-installation of the OS (I tried this multiple times), the freeze occurs exactly after the laptop tries to set up the correct resolution (there are multiple and rapid switches from high resolution to low resolution, and then from low resolution to high resolution, and then the screen freezes).

Because of this resolution and then freeze event, I thought maybe the GPU driver may be the cause of my issue. I can only use this laptop in safe mode, so I am a bit limited with what I can do, but I have already tried to uninstall the driver of the NVidia Quadro P3200 GPU (device manager -> display adapter -> NVidia -> Right click and unistall), leaving only Intel UHD Graphic installed, and then I re-installed the Nvidia driver using the Nvidia software. But this does not fix my issue.

Now Dell will probably propose me to replace my laptop as it's under warranty and their technician could not fix it despite changing almost all internal parts. But as I think it's maybe a software issue, I'm wondering whether one of you here could have any clue of what's happening and help me to resolve it?

Many thanks in advance for your help.