Windows 10 Moving files around into folders and right clicking files often makes my file system unresponsive


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Newer build with high end components.

Machine Specs:

- Windows 10
- Motherboard: x570 Taichi
- Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor - 3.70 GHz
- RAM: 64.0 GB
- M.2 970 EVO 1TB (400GB used)
- Graphics Card: Ventus 3X 3080

Whenever I try to move files around on my computer, my file system goes unresponsive. Clicking around just a few files at once is all it takes for this to happen.

I often am rendering a video, then once it is completed, I want to move them into a new folder right after the render is completed. The file system immediately goes unresponsive until I decide to just restart my machine.

Even Just right clicking files sometimes right after restarting my computer makes my whole file system freeze.

I built it myself and I have no issues, besides this. It is EXTREMELY FRUSTATING and inhibits my ability to work at times.
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