Windows 10 Windows 10 Home - can't update the OS


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I'm wanting to upgrade from Win10 Home to Pro, so I went to the start area and entered Update, then clicked "Check for updates". The screen that popped up had a few icons in the upper right-hand corner, one being Windows Update. Below those words I see Attention needed. When I click this icon, NOTHING happens.

I remembered several months ago I was constantly getting nagged to upgrade to Win11. At that time, I had made several recommended registry changes to avoid a forced upgrade, so I went back and deleted all of those registry changes, rebooted, but still have the same issue.

Next, I went to Settings, then searched for "troubleshoot settings". This displayed the Troubleshoot window.

Near the bottom of that page I clicked "Additional troubleshooters". The next window (titled Additional troubleshooter) had a section named Get up and running. Under that section, I click Windows update, then "Run the troubleshooter".

The first time I did this, it said it fixed a problem. I decided to see if things changed on the Windows update window. No change there (i.e. it still showed "Action needed" on the update window), so I rebooted. Still not able to click.

Any ideas what else I can look at to fix this problem? I want to make sure my Win10 Home OS is update-to-date before I upgrade to Win10 Pro.


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After doing some digging and posting on other Win20 forums, I did the following (using the cmd window as administrator):

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

sfc /scannow


chkdsk/f c:

No change. So, I did more digging and came across a Windows utility named Windows Update Assistant (which seems to be a utility to manually download and install updates): I installed and ran it, applied the updates and rebooted.

It applied the updates, I rebooted, but the problem persisted. I then remembered a program I had named "Windows Update Manger (wumgr). I ran that and found two more updates that could be applied (I probably could have seen the same updates using the Update Assistant noted above but didn't use that). After those two updates, I now see things as they should be and can click to check for Updates. So, I have no idea what really fixed it unless some of the updates made changes to the registry that cleared up some issues.

The Windows Update Assistant can be found at the URL below.

so now its downloading Windows 11 in the background or still says to fix something first?