1. 2

    Windows 11 Window's "GPU" selector does not function

    Hello everyone, I'm a first-time poster on this forum and I've encountered a problem with Windows' GPU selection feature. Windows offers a functionality wherein it should ideally select the most suitable GPU for an application, given a choice between two GPUs. The selection parameters are...
  2. ari2004

    Windows 11 Windows 11 : Windows Update not working

    Please guys can u help me.....?
  3. B

    Windows 10 Network Shared Folder

    I have 6 PCs, all with Windows 10, and I would like to be able to share files between all of them. Perhaps my Main PC could have a Network Shared Folder on it, and then I would leave the Main PC on, and all the PCs would be able to access this Network Shared Folder. What is the best way to set...
  4. nchevy66

    Windows 10 Windows Update outside of Active Hours

    I like the feature that Windows automatically updates outside of my active hours, but there is a giant flaw. I often get awaken around 3:30am because my monitor is on. This is because after the Windows update, the computer does not go to sleep. Instead it lights up my whole room and I loose...
  5. syskuznet

    Windows 10 Windows refusing to change time

  6. Aderabalan


    Please ... I can't verify the identity of my Windows user account (Microsoft Account) on Windows 10 on my laptop. But, I can access my Outlook Email and Microsoft Account that connected to that Windows user account. I upgraded the security info about my latest mobile number, because I lost my...
  7. K

    Windows 8 Monitor resolution

    Hey everyone So i guess i messed up a bit somewhere and i cant seem to find a solution for desktop and office software are showing a rather big size for their toolbars....i can't really describe it any better but its somehow related to the resolution. Currently my screen resolution is...
  8. Adam5

    Windows 7 No File Opener

    Hi I know it sounds like a kinda pointless thing to do, but does anyone know how to reset default file opener to "no program" in a windows 7 computer. And reset it back to this: little icon. I accidentally set the wrong default file opener, and I don't have any other program to open this type...
  9. SaladGoat

    Windows 10 Time change

    I have been using Windows computers since version 3.1 and in every instance where it was available, I have had it automatically sync my time with the internet - currently I have also had it automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time. And finally, I have always checked the box...
  10. S

    Windows 10 troubles with wireless input

    Hi. I'm using a win10 tablet and my main keyboard has Bluetooth interface. so here is a problem: when I play something like shooter or just input text, a mouse left button doesn`t do anything for an around 1-2 seconds after last button pressed. Like you pressed a "W" key and try to shoot by LMB...
  11. L

    Windows 10 Press and Hold Pen Setting Resets

    Hey everyone I'm having a problem with my tablet. This is probably a Windows issue im guessing but the setting for "Press and Hold"/Enable press and hold for right-clicking check box always becomes re-checked the next time I boot up my computer. I purposely turn it off because of the annoying...
  12. Treycee

    Windows 10 New to Windows 10

    I just bought a new computer and monitor (not a touch screen). I downloaded the newest version of Windows 10. I do not have the start button on the bottom extreme left nor do I have the settings app on my start menu. How do I fix? Thanks!
  13. E

    Windows 10 default printer in Win 10

    Hi! I was trying to help my mom with Windows 10 recently installed/updated on her computer. In the folder for printers, in the drivers and devices (or similarly named) folder in the settings, we can see her printer there among other printers in the house. When I right click on the printer she...
  14. Skyler Anderson

    Windows 10 Cortana Not Working Please Help!

    Ok so I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Home premium yesterday. Everything works fine except for Cortana. When I first set it up it asked me for a name. I told it my name (Skyler) when I clicked next nothing happened. I continuously clicked next with nothing happening. So I waited on the...
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