Windows 10 troubles with wireless input


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Hi. I'm using a win10 tablet and my main keyboard has Bluetooth interface. so here is a problem: when I play something like shooter or just input text, a mouse left button doesn`t do anything for an around 1-2 seconds after last button pressed. Like you pressed a "W" key and try to shoot by LMB, but LMB clicks doesn`t do anything. Important that it`s there only on BT and onscreen keyboard, usual USB keyboards works fine. Earlier, on previous windows builds I had solved this by switching something in computer input setting, but today I get an update and settings has refreshed and I can`t find this switch. I remember that this switch was named like function for avoiding touches, while text input. Perhaps somebody know what is this function and how to disable it? Thanks.
Delay and dropped keys isn't that uncommon in wireless and Bluetooth mice and keyboards. If it happens with all keys I'd look and make sure sticky keys is turned off. Besides that there isn't a ton you can do to address it. Perhaps verify Bluetooth drivers are the newest. Someone else may have a better answer for you.
it`s not a sticky keys. and it`s not a bluetooth problem. on linux / android this problem didn`t appear. more of all, effect of this mouse lock delay is causing only by numeric/alphabet keys. controll, functional and other (esc,space,enter) keys doesn`t lock mouse. so this is not a driver issue. it is just a windows function that I forgot how to disable.