bluetooth device

  1. Ssipbunhal

    Windows 10 Usb devices won't work. Help!

    So basically I have a Bluetooth mouse. Specifically a Logitech M325 Bluetooth mouse. It stopped working a month ago. I have tried everything. Such as trying to update my drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but none of it has worked. Is there anything else I can do? Is it a problem...
  2. joelb

    Windows 10 BsoD when playing games with bluetooth controller

    I've consistently had crashes while playing hollow knight with my ps4 controller. I suspect it has something to do with my ps4 controller or with the game itself since my computer only crashes while playing the game with my controller. I can't say for sure if it's the game, the controller or...
  3. S

    Windows 10 troubles with wireless input

    Hi. I'm using a win10 tablet and my main keyboard has Bluetooth interface. so here is a problem: when I play something like shooter or just input text, a mouse left button doesn`t do anything for an around 1-2 seconds after last button pressed. Like you pressed a "W" key and try to shoot by LMB...
  4. J

    Windows 10 Mouse cursor question

    Hi everyone I use windows10 x64 edition. I use all in one bluetooth keyboard which consist of keyboard and track pad. When I connect above bluetooth device, mouse cursor appear on monitor. However, when I disconnect bluetooth device, mouse cursor also disappear on monitor. I want to be...