Windows 10 Press and Hold Pen Setting Resets


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Dec 29, 2016
Hey everyone I'm having a problem with my tablet. This is probably a Windows issue im guessing but the setting for "Press and Hold"/Enable press and hold for right-clicking check box always becomes re-checked the next time I boot up my computer. I purposely turn it off because of the annoying circles it creates when I'm drawing things in Photoshop. Yes I did hit apply as well.

If anyone has a solution or work around that'd be awesome! Thank you!
Make/Model of your W10 tablet would be helpful. Some tablets have a built-in Recovery partition that lets you save all your personal files to external media such as external hard drive, flash drive, or Cloud storage account. I would first backup all your personal files to one or all of these storage media before proceeding.

You can check your tablet Owners Manual for the button sequence you need to initiate the factory W10 Reset option. This should take care of the problem. You'll of course have to re-install Photoshop onto the tablet again, as ALL OF YOUR DATA AND PROGRAMS INSTALLED AFTER YOU BOUGHT THE TABLET WILL NOW BE ERASED COMPLETELY!!

If there was a problem with the Photoshop program itself such as corruption or Windows corruption, the W10 Reset will take care of that and you should be good to go! :up:

If your particular tablet is one that doesn't have the built-in W10 Reset Option, and that's usually the case with the cheap non-name-brand models (not Dell, ASUS, HP, etc.), you'll have to create W10 bootable media on USB flash drive using the free MCT tool from Microsoft you can get here:
Windows 10
Note that you'll need to purchase at least a 16GB USB flash drive to create this bootable W10 media. I've done it on an 8GB drive, but that doesn't always work. The last couple of ISO images I downloaded from Microsoft's MCT site did not fit onto an 8GB drive, so I had to create it on a 16GB drive instead. You may wish to create this W10 bootable drive on another working laptop or desktop PC with W7 or better, making sure it boots from that test computer's USB port to prove the integrity of the newly made W10 bootable media. ;)

Once you've got this bootable USB W10 media created, you can insert it into the Tablet and boot the W10 install program from it and go to the Advanced Options under repair your computer. You have options there to use System Restore to rollback your tablet to the last saved Restore Point. Some tablets have this option turned off, so if your table is like this, you won't be able to Restore since that option was disabled by the factory.:waah: You have 2 other options, one is Reset the tablet (or PC) to original condition by replacing all the Windows systems files and keeping your existing data and programs intact. This may do the trick and get you going again. :up:

If it doesn't, you'll have to select the MOST AGRESSIVE OPTION, and that is to do a complete Reset of your Tablet erasing all Data Files and Programs. This will erase the Hard Drive in the tablet completely and restore the Tablet to OOB (Out-Of-Box) condition or the way the tablet was when you first opened it from it's box. Of course, this option will require you to reinstall all of your programs such as Photoshop, MS Office, Adobe programs such as ReaderDC, etc. as well as copy back all your Personal Data Files from one or more of the external media you backed them up to before attempting this procedure as I outlined in the beginning of this Post. This should get your Tablet fixed probably 95% of the time. :up:

If none of the above works, there is probably something borked in the Tablet's Motherboard or hard drive, and you'll need to replace them or pay a Tech to do that. In most cases, if it's the Motherboard, the labor and parts cost to do the replacement will most likely exceed what you paid for the Tablet when you bought it new. At this point, you'll have to have the "fix or replace" conversation with yourself based on the estimate for repair which you should get in writing from your local repair shop or the store you purchased it from assuming you didn't buy it online.

That should get you going.
Best of luck,:encouragement:
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