1. T

    Constant BSOD

    Hey, I'm getting very constant Blue Screen of Deaths (in fact I've had 2 since trying to write this, incredibly fustrating). I recently bought a secondhand Intel NUC 6i7KYK, put 16gb HyperX RAM and 512gb Hynix SSD. The OS is windows 10. I get very frequent BSOD, the most recent with the STOP...
  2. WWESuperstArjun

    Windows 10 freezing when left idle

    Whenever I leave my PC for around 5-10m, I always return to it being frozen. I'm able to move the cursor but no app or window is responsive and AltCtrlDel doesn't work. When in continuous use, it never faces any problems. I've gamed for hours together with no issues only for my computer to...
  3. ankitpassi

    Windows restarting unexpectedly after installing new HDD

    I installed a 4TB HDD on my system and it is working fine and everything is smooth. but after some time, my windows started to restart unexpectedly once a day. I still don't know what is the cause of this. I thought it was PSU inefficiency so I calculated required wattage by the system and it...
  4. Patrisious

    BSOD system_service_exception (netio.sys)

    Hey! as the title states I have a problem which is the infamous BSOD and i get with no noticeable pattern :/ most of the time it is system_service_exception (netio.sys) but few times it comes up as Kmode_exception_not_handles(netio.sys) or page fault in nonpaged area ... i ran full memtest86 and...
  5. M

    Unexpected BSOD results and crash dumps

    Hello everyone, As of late I have a machine that has had a couple of BSODs in the last couple of months. I have recently had a couple of crash dump files as a result of these. I am uploading it here for those who may wish to review it. However, I cannot specify what the cause of this problem...
  6. F

    Application crashes

    I have a recent phenomenon where playing an AVI file in Windows Media Player crashes the player. Other video types work fine. Now, I discovered that I cannot load a JPG file in ArcSoft PhotoBase if an AVI file resides in the same folder. In fact, I tested on a folder with no AVI files and it...
  7. Bear

    BSOD starting again.

    I'm still only running windows defender as requested in previous thread and suddenly the crashes have started again. When it triggers, its either a BSOD or total lockup of the system.
  8. E

    Windows 7 64bit BSOD

    Hello! I have just recently built a PC around the end of September. Since the end of October, I have been getting BSOD's . This happens usually once or twice every week. I was playing a game today and I got one and lost my save data D: and have realized it is time I try and fix this. I have no...
  9. B

    Windows 7 64 bit BSOD. Please help

    Hello community, I have recently encountered a BSOD, however I don't know how to diagnose. Can anyone please help me.
  10. C

    BSOD: Stop Code 0X00000019

    Hello Everyone, Greetings! I'm quite new with troubleshooting BSOD and would like to ask for assistance regarding the BSOD I encountered with my new laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad E460). For your reference, I've attached the dump file and as well as the extracted Window Debug text file. I would...
  11. Bear

    BSOD / LOCKUP suddenly no hardware changes

    I don't know what in the world is going on but in the last 24hrs I've had 3 HARD lockups, a bsod ( last night while idle ) , Camtastia Studio crashing , Chrome sites saying flash is not installed, another site on IE said java was not installed. All of this was working fine just the other day...
  12. E

    Windows 10 uses only 75% or 3/4 RAM

    My PC has 4.00 GB RAM installed and since I am using windows 10, I have noticed in the Performance tab of Task Manager, that the allocated Memory is not more than 3.0 GB out of 4.0 GB. Why windows 10 restricts? It doesn't use 1 GB available for it and I must use this 1 GB. Most of the times (or...
  13. GetBroccoli

    Multiple BSOD

    Hi I've encountered regular BSOD, the types include whae_uncorrectable_error and system_service_exception. There is actually a third but I couldn't recall what it is. I've attached the dump files and I'm eager to begin troubleshooting. My machine uses a 2HDD and an SSD for the OS, and this...
  14. cuzzinkevin

    Blue screen on startup

    My computer using windows 7 64 (professional i think) recently auto shutdown to apply an update. While this was happening the computer accidentally was switched off. When i restarted everything seemed fine until i got past the 'starting windows' screen with the flag (straight after the bios...
  15. hitmarker

    Constant BSOD in win10

    About a month ago I started getting constant BSODs from watching youtube videos to gaming and I can't find what is causing them, tried running memtest for 10 hours, it got 0 errors. Today I found out that running OCCT gets me to BSOD after a couple of minutes. I ran it a couple of times to get a...
  16. K

    Frequent BSOD need help

    Hello I put together a new machine recently and it is blue screening. It is showing a variety of error messages on crashing. Please see the attached folder and let me know if you need anything else. Thanks
  17. Dmen

    unexpected pc crash results in Dump File

    Hello windowsforum community, my pc recently crashed. I looked in the eventlog there was a entry that a dump file has been saved at C:\Windows\Minidump I will upload it here,maybe someone can help me identify the problem :)
  18. F

    My HP laptop problem

    I'm having a big meltdown right now. Ever since yesterday, I've been using my HP touch-screen laptop and two hours later, it crashes. I meant to say is that it freezes then it restarts. The problem is that when it restarts, I can't connect to any internet connection at all. Then I turn it off...
  19. N

    Windows 10 Kernelbase.dll error

    I have been getting a crash to desktop problem with playing Final Fantasy XI and tried numerous so called fixes but nothing as worked as of yet and it's driving me insane. Basically it just randomly crashes to the desktop with no warning accompanied by the message "playonline encountered and...
  20. P

    Vista PC keeps getting BSOD

    My PC keeps crashing, it happens seemingly at random. Only time I know its been happening over and over again is when I shutdown, my pc goes to the "Shutting down..." screen and then bluescreens. This has only been happening like maybe a month? Im gonna attach my minidumps to this