Corrupt HD. stuck CHKDSK, No Win 7 Pro Disc/BU...


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Hello All

I recently got a Dell precision M4800 basically free with Windows 7 Pro. I fired it up and everything ran normally for about 5 minutes until I tried to run normal stuff like Defrag, cleaner, disc checking and then it just bottle up, all icons vanished and then got BSoD....check Bios and ran a System Check and was showing something like HD not getting enough power. So I bought a new Power Supply and all seemed ok until I ran into same message.

I then decided to run CHKDSK...well it's been running a week now and basically has stopped at one cluster...I hear the HD Drive..snapping...but no more progress. So it appears a new Drive...probably a SSD instead of mechanical. But the problem is; I have no Installation Disc or BU with Win 7 Pro. I almost doubt I can pull or attempt to make one and since Win 7 is no longer supported...that makes it even worse.

So I'm not sure grabbing a new SSD and Windows 10 is worth the trouble although rest of the Laptop seems fine with a Intel i7 4th gen CPU but the Video Card Upgrade might be a sticker.....just care to listen what options I have 1st with getting Win 7 ack in order or bite the bullet and look for a newer laptop with more current Hardware and Win 10 or 11. Thank you.