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    Apparent decade-old bug prevents a Blu-ray disc from being fully written – error 0x80071AC3 examined.

    This post was originally going to be a question, but upon further examination, I have figured out a likely cause. The error 0x80071AC3 which could occur while copying files to a BD-R (Blu-ray disc recordable) is likely caused by a decade-old bug in the UDF 2.60 live file system driver of...
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    Windows 10 How to find out the original directory from the number in CHKDSK logs?

    From a log file in "C:\System Volume Information\Chkdsk\": Deleted invalid filename Screenshot - 10112018 - 00:02:18 PM.png (793220) in directory 464. I understand why the file name was recognized as invalid, due to the colons, which are unsupported by Windows. Looks like the screenshot was...
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    Windows 10 To skip disk checking, press any key in # seconds

    I have been getting this on every start up. It checks my C drive which is an SSD. I let it run the check multiple times but it runs a few seconds and i get to log in screen. Also, checking disk and repair from properties>Tools>ErrorChecking says it found errors, but the Repair still doesn't take...
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    Windows 10 CHKDSK Error Codes and Status 50?

    My computer got stuck in a loop of restarting, then preparing for automatic repairs. I am in WinRE right now running a CHKDSK and it works for a little bit but then I get 2 error codes 1: An unspecified error occurred (6672732e637878 965) 2: An unspecified error occurred (6e74667363686b2e 1713)...
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    Windows 10 CHKDSK on Win 10 works incompatibly with Win 7?

    This is extremely aggravating and puzzling: I have both Windows 10 Pro (build 1703) and Windows 7 Pro (service pack 2 with the latest updates) installed on different NTFS disks/partitions on the same computer (actually, I have two computers with both installed). Here's the aggravating problem...
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    Windows 7 CHKDSK is frustrating

    Whats up guys, since I wasn't able to copy files off of my external drive anymore, I decided to run chkdsk which hopefully will fix the problem. It has been running since 11 hours now and is still at stage 1 and 0 % which is frustrating especially, after a quick calculation, that it will be...
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    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 boot stuck running chkdsk

    I scheduled a 'chkdsk /f /r c:' for my C drive under Windows 8.1. When I next booted the check disk started running, reached 13%, then never got beyond that point. I can leave it running for hours and the screen shows 13% completion and the check disk never completes. This has the effect of...