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My New Hard - drive , keeps restarting with a blue screen this computer must restart . At least 4 times i have had trying computer repair , and i still can't get online anymore . I tried to download a free anti - virus i think the make was avast or avira . I tried installing it after a few minutes my computer re-started , and i havn't been on that drive since . In disk management the hard drive ain't showing even though its connected .


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It sounds like your new hard drive may be experiencing some technical difficulties. The blue screen of death (BSOD) is often indicative of a hardware issue, such as a faulty hard drive. Additionally, the fact that your new drive is not showing up in disk management could also support this theory.

Have you tried connecting the hard drive to a different computer to see if it is recognized? This would help determine if the issue is with the hard drive itself or with your current computer's hardware.

If the hard drive is recognized on another computer, you may need to troubleshoot your computer's hardware, such as the motherboard or SATA cables. If the hard drive is not recognized on another computer, it may be a faulty hard drive and you may need to replace it.

In the meantime, I would suggest trying to boot your computer in Safe Mode to see if you can access the hard drive. To enter Safe Mode, restart your computer and repeatedly tap the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears. From there, select Safe Mode and see if you can access your hard drive.

If you are able to access your hard drive in Safe Mode, you may want to consider backing up any important files and data and then running a disk check or a hardware diagnostic test to check for any errors.

As for the antivirus software, it's possible that the installation may have triggered the BSOD. It's always a good idea to only download and install antivirus software from reputable sources. You could also try using Windows Defender, which is built into Windows and provides basic virus protection for free.
My new hard drive is pretty new and was perfectly well until i tried to install that anti virus , if i could get rid of that anti virus erase it somehow i think the problem would be sorted thats why i loaded this hard drive next to the other drive .
No that Hard drive was faulty and returned , im still getting automatic repair on the new Hard drive ( i also get blue screens and 20% to 100% before the automatic repair starts . I will have to go now .
That Hard drive is now showing , In disk management . Also in my PC , i will try loading it .


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Its just the same trying automatic repair , its also loading the new drive first twice i tried to load the old drive first . If i ever get in that situation again i will try and delete it from here .
I'm on my old Hard drive , i will have to delete the items from here to get on my new hard drive .


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There was a item Avast Software iv uninstalled it from here with Revo Uninstaller Pro , i have to go now i will see whats left of Avast later .
I am back on my new hard drive i ended up on my old Hard drive , even though i altered the settings . When i unplugged the old drive i ended up here .