Windows 10 Can’t get into my computer, Won’t accept my password


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Sep 16, 2022
After a recent Windows 10 update, my computer went to a blue screen. I was able to use the Dell repair tool and then upon exiting Windows automatic repair started. When it finished, a blue screen with my account name came up. Two choices were given. Click on the account name then another screen comes up which asks for my password. When I input my password, it says that it is wrong. I have tried to put in every password that I might have used, to no avail. If on the original screen I click forgot my password, restart, a blank dark blue screen comes up. Microsoft doesn’t believe that I am me, so they won’t do a reset. My computer is now unusable. Can anyone please help me?
David R
If you're using a Microsoft account I would suggest resetting the password from another device. If it states the password is incorrect then it is.
Thank you. I have actually done this three times; but it won’t accept the new password. If you have any other suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!
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