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Windows 10 Blue Screens


Honorable Member
Jan 6, 2017
I am on an Inspiron 15 laptop. Purchased Nov 2018. As of a couple of weeks ago, every day I am shut down with a blue screen. I ran a system check and it came up with the following information: blue.jpg I looked on the Dell site for fixes but did not see any. "corrupt OS image?" Bootable device. I don't know what to make of this. Has anyone got a possible fix that I can manage without installing 10 again.
Boot into the firmware screen and confirm the hard drive is detected.
If not then the drive is likely dead and will need to be replaced.

If it is detected you may have a corrupted boot loader (the part the computer needs to read in order to know what operating system is on the device and for the computer to know what to load to get the operating system to boot.

For the latter, the easier less technical route would be to simply re-install the operating system which for home users requires a system recovery disk or partition available on the hard drive (this is dependent on the manufacturer and model of the system) see manufacturer documentation for the available recovery process.

The more technical approach may require using a windows recovery environment or windows install disc to attempt a repair. Actions needed can vary widely and requires technical knowledge to complete.
Boot into the firmware screen-- I do not know what or where this is. Can you pls guide me. I don't think the drive is dead - it still operates and hasn't crashed since early this morning. Thanks.
Solution found on Win10 forum. Had to disable the hibernation function. Did so and now all back and running. Thought I'd let you know issue solved.