Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Constantly Crashing


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Hi everyone, I’ve been having bad issues with my Windows 8.1 desktop I built about a decade ago.

It used to run flawlessly until about a year ago. It started to randomly crash / restart itself with no triggers that I can correlate to causing the crashes.

I’ve reset the computer to factory defaults maybe a dozen times now and it used to work fine for a couple weeks after each reset then would start to intermittently crash. Next best solution was to just keep the power disconnected from the power supply over night and it would work fine for a few days until it starts to crash again.

I always installed and updated all drivers after each reset.

I thought after resetting it that the automatic updates that Windows would install was the issue but when I turned off automatic updates, it just made it worse.

Half the time it crashes, it will reset itself or show a blue screen withYour PC ran into a problem and needs to restart." Below are the error codes below that it tells me to look into.


Files sent to Microsoft after a crash:

Link to current Windows Error Reporting:

This is all very frustrating since I run my business from this computer and it’s making it difficult to work. I’d like to avoid having to buy/build a new computer. I’m fine with replacing a part or two if necessary. I just don’t know enough about computers to figure this out myself. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

If you need anymore information, let me know and I will respond to your comment and add to the post.

Thanks in advance!