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  1. R


    Hello, I am getting a lot of WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR's lately. I attached the latest MiniDump file. I think its becouse of GenuineIntel (was in the MiniDump), but i ran a full CPU check with the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool. Ran a Memory check and hardware check but nothing was wrong. Also...
  2. KendallJ

    Windows 10 Bsod and minidump

    I have been getting some BSOD recently and I created a minidump folder but I must have done something wrong bc all the files get converted to a notepad file. from what I've read, that is the wrong type of file and people cannot read the file to help me see what's wrong. how do I go about fixing...
  3. Exyztence

    Windows 10 Blue Screen Of Death (0x00000133 / ntoskrln.exe / hal.dll)

    Hello, I am writing here because I am already helpless for things that are happening on my new computer. I'm getting crazy and I can't handle it, despite literally doing all the Internet tutorials that were. I am on new equipment and after the format: Every once in a while, my computer starts to...
  4. H

    Windows 10 BSOD without any reason

    Hi there, I keep getting this blue screen of death and I can't find out why. This is a brand new pc which I bought just two days ago. Please help me. I ran the powershell command and the W7F Diagnostic Tool. I uploaded the results of both, I also added both the minidump files in the w7f zip...
  5. TheDD

    Windows 10 *HELP* Unexpected BSOD while rendering video and doing the usual on chrome

    Hello there, I just built my new pc and I love using it, however, I suddenly got a BSOD (Error code: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR) while rending a pretty long video and having like 10 tabs open in chrome. If someone has the time could they please help me. I hope nothing is actually broken already...
  6. Saamarth Gupta

    Windows 10 BSOD With Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died (No Minidump Getting Created)

    I have an ASUS K501UW-NB72 Laptop running the latest Windows 10, I have been experiencing BSODs for the past week. I have even Reset my PC, removing my files and apps. The LED Notification for the hard Drive Stays On, doesn't flash and suddenly the System Stops Responding. Whatever is in the...
  7. G

    Windows 7 BSOD only from CAD/rendering program

    Hello. As title states, I get BSOD when I have IronCAD (cad program) and Rendering program(s) open. Ive been using IronCAD for really long but just recently installed the rendering program (KeyShot). Maybe my comp is too weak? My CPU is really hot, even in idle. Going around 60°C & 80°C maximum...
  8. M

    Windows 7 Unexpected BSOD results and crash dumps

    Hello everyone, As of late I have a machine that has had a couple of BSODs in the last couple of months. I have recently had a couple of crash dump files as a result of these. I am uploading it here for those who may wish to review it. However, I cannot specify what the cause of this problem...
  9. B

    Windows 7 Windows 7 64 bit BSOD. Please help

    Hello community, I have recently encountered a BSOD, however I don't know how to diagnose. Can anyone please help me.
  10. Dmen

    Windows 7 unexpected pc crash results in Dump File

    Hello windowsforum community, my pc recently crashed. I looked in the eventlog there was a entry that a dump file has been saved at C:\Windows\Minidump I will upload it here,maybe someone can help me identify the problem :)
  11. S

    Windows 7 Win7 BSOD, dump files included, cause unknown

    Hello everyone! So yesterday i got bsod while browsing and after my system got back up from the error i couldn't see my dedicated graphic card anywhere detected in system so i'm guessing it was caused by something driver related(today after i booted my laptop i see the graphics card). I'd like...
  12. Ryan Massingill

    Windows 7 Unexpected BSOD. I want to know why?

    I was brought here because a BSOD happened out of nowhere and I have no idea what caused it but I found a video on youtube about how to find that file and was rold about this forum in hopes that you may be able to help. I just wanna know what i can do to stop the BSOD which was recorded in the...
  13. FirstaidkiT

    Windows 8 minidump in Win 8.1

    Hello everyone, i have recently had a crash dump. I'm uploading it here. Hovewer, i can't specify what the cause of this problem may have been. regards
  14. M

    Windows 7 BSODs need help reading dump files

    I am currently getting multiple BSODs while playing games, or watching videos on youtube. I see a common problem is the ntoskrnl.exe image not loading properly. If I upload a couple of these dumps, can someone help me pinpoint my issue? Thanks, Mitch
  15. Use Compressed Archives in Windows 7 (ZIP, RAR, etc.)

    Use Compressed Archives in Windows 7 (ZIP, RAR, etc.)

    HOWTO: Use a simple method of creating compressed archived files using the built-in Windows 7 compression utility. Files and folders can be added or removed at any time. We highly recommend using this for uploading mindump files on Windows 7 Forums. You can also use this method and other...
  16. BSOD, Crash Dump, and Minidump Analysis

    BSOD, Crash Dump, and Minidump Analysis

    Wach this video with additional info @ http://bit.ly/aLJS6b In this video, I bring you into the world of the elusive Blue Screen of Death, and the forensic level of study required to analyze such crashes. At Windows 7 Forums, we have an entire team of BSOD experts, many of whom are prolific...