BSOD, Crash Dump, and Minidump Analysis

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In this video, I bring you into the world of the elusive Blue Screen of Death, and the forensic level of study required to analyze such crashes. At Windows 7 Forums, we have an entire team of BSOD experts, many of whom are prolific, ingenious members that know their stuff. Although I am 7x certified by Microsoft and CompTIA, even I still find the process of analyzing minidumps to be elusive, difficult, and annoying. However, in this video we go through a few options: Looking at the extent of BSOD and the impact it has all over the world, Checking out how the Windows SDK can be used to analyze Minidumps, locating a minidump that is generated after Windows crashes, converting crash hexadecimal timestamps into regular dates and times, and showing how to post your Minidump to Windows7Forums.com for help after the crash takes place. Although this video is not a perfect analysis of how minidumps are debugged, it does give a first look level of insight into the knowledge it, and how you can seek help at Windows7Forums.com from prolific experts. In the end, go to the experts, many of whom will help you free of charge. http://windows7forums.com/
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