usacomputertec's Windows 7 Challenge: Intellectual Dishonesty (JULinux - Justin Breithaupt)

Intellectual Dishonesty. Deceit. Lies. This is a video response to usacomputertec / JustUseLinux / Justin Breithaupt's series of videos called the "Windows 7 Challenge", which is a deceitful fraud that attacks Windows7Forums.com and the Windows community in general for no reason. Watch this video carefully to see his inconsistencies and fabrications. We document how Justin begs repeatedly in his videos for free copies of Windows and acts like a child, all the while deleting our friendly comments when trying to explain to him why he was banned (multiple accounts, ban evasion, spam, flame baiting). Unfortunately, we must resort to producing at least one video of our own to dispute the lies and dishonesty perpetrated in his "Windows 7 Challenge" videos.
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