BSOD only from CAD/rendering program


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Hello. As title states, I get BSOD when I have IronCAD (cad program) and Rendering program(s) open.
Ive been using IronCAD for really long but just recently installed the rendering program (KeyShot).
Maybe my comp is too weak?

My CPU is really hot, even in idle. Going around 60°C & 80°C maximum (in idle).
Maybe the computer crashes because of high cpu temp? Please help!
Ive attached dmp file

Computer spec:
i7 2600K
GTX 660Ti
16GB of DDR3 ram
Z68 motherboard


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BSOD 101 is a processor isn't processing interrupts or deadlocked. This could very likely be due to your CPU temperatures. If it's trying to throttle it way back due to the heat Windows may crash as deadlocked. Even on an older gen Intel your CPU shouldn't be idling higher than 40-45C.

You may need to clean off your heat sink and/or apply new thermal paste to the CPU, fairly simple process


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Thanks for responce Neemobeer.
I recently cleaned my pc with compressed air, so dust should not be the issue.
I'll probably get a cpu cooler that isnt a stock one (im using stock atm) since I havent
cleaned the CPU in a while.


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Canned air won't help if the paste is dirty or worn down, you need to remove the heatsink and re-apply. A new heatsink and fan isn't required.


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if your issues continue: Can you actually test the machine using something like prime95 to stress the pc and HWiNFO64 to monitor the temperatures?

Please post the results and we will be able to advise you further.

Also just make sure your system is free from dust. I clean mine every 3-6 weeks to stop dust build up as it can make a big difference to the temps.