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    BSOD 0x124_4_GenuineIntel_PCIEXPRESS_UNSUPPORTED_REQUEST_IMAGE_GenuineIntel.sys

    I have been receiving the following BSOD error in event viewer periodically throughout the past 2 weeks. I have ran chkdsk, ran memory diagnostic, updated all drivers including chipset and bios, but still receiving this error, can anyone help in narrowing this down? Dump file analyzed with...
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    Windows 10 BSOD, driver issue??

    I'm getting frequent BSOD. I suspect it is a driver issue, I've gone through and tried to install all the correct drivers and that has reduced the BSOD significantly, although I still get them. I don't think it is a RAM issue, I ran memtest86 and the windows memory diagnostic tool which both...
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    Windows 10 Extract information and relaunch system/applications from dump file?

    One can create dump file of tasks using task manager or also create full RAM dump files during a system crash. How can information be extracted from that dump? And can the system or specific applications be relaunched from dump files?
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    Windows 7 BSOD only from CAD/rendering program

    Hello. As title states, I get BSOD when I have IronCAD (cad program) and Rendering program(s) open. Ive been using IronCAD for really long but just recently installed the rendering program (KeyShot). Maybe my comp is too weak? My CPU is really hot, even in idle. Going around 60°C & 80°C maximum...
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    Windows 8 BSOD while web surfing through Chrome in Win8.1

    again and again. plz help me. last two dump file are created when I execute 'driver verifier'.