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    Windows 10 Computer is so slow... Help!

    Hello, wOrLD oF WINDOWS 10 Okay as you know cause you clicked the title my computer is running EXTREMELY slow all of a sudden. This is not cause its old or needs updated drivers. This computer is BRAND NEW! I bought it only a week ago. I installed CurseVoice (Talking program for games and...
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    Windows 7 Keyboard keys not working

    Hi, I've been having problems with my laptop keyboard keys, they don't work, i'm using an extra keyboard rn, but it's not that good, and i've been trying to fix it. I've searched up a bunch of tutorials on how to fix it but none of them worked, i tried restarting my computer, un-installing and...
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 Reset Resulted in A Broken Laptop

    Yesterday I used the "Get Windows 10" option on my Windows 8.1 HP Envy-15 laptop. The process seemed to work fine and I managed to login and use the new OS fine. However, I decided that while I was installing a new OS that I might aswell clean the system back to the Windows 10 factory settings...
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    Windows 10 Windows Upgrade Issue

    About 2 hours ago, I updated my computer from windows 8.1 to windows 10 home. The setup was going all fine until it said that it was done and it rebooted. My computer has since been stuck in a reboot loop, with there being no signal on my monitor. It has been suggested that I should update my...
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