Windows 10 Windows 10 Reset Resulted in A Broken Laptop


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Aug 11, 2015
Yesterday I used the "Get Windows 10" option on my Windows 8.1 HP Envy-15 laptop. The process seemed to work fine and I managed to login and use the new OS fine. However, I decided that while I was installing a new OS that I might aswell clean the system back to the Windows 10 factory settings. To do so I used the Windows 10 reset option within settings. It didn't seem to be finished when I went to bed so I left it on overnight (for a grand total of around 15 hours of reset), but when I awoke it was still at the 30% I left it at it. I decided to reboot it and this went into a Windows 10 screen which I promptly hit the "Exit and retun to Windows" on, however this did not work and now whenever I boot the system it shows the HP logo, then a black screen then back to the HP logo in a loop.

I've created a Windows 10 USB and tried to run that on the laptop but I can't seem to get into the BIOS settings either after trying the usual ESC, F12, F8. If anyone can help me fix this problem without taking it to the tech shop and paying them it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Cleaning the keyboard whilst the computer was in the loop bought the BIOS up for a second and then it disappeared again and I can't seem to get it back as I do not know what buttons I pressed.
Maybe you could try to boot it in Safe Mode, long pressing the button F8 (+ SHIFT) should do it. More on that here How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 8 or 10 (The Easy Way). Also, I had the same problem on my desktop PC which has Windows 7 Home. I tried to install Windows 10 but I got the black screen. And when I pressed F8 I did System Restore and it got back to Windows 7. So you have to know that if you choose any other option it will end up in endless loop and will always try to update your laptop to Windows 10 - you don't want the black screen forever. First you should bring it back to its original OS and options and then try to update it again if you want.
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