1. G

    Windows 7 Help analyzing a kernel dump (MEMORY.dmp)

    Hello, I keep getting a clock watchdog timeout with a bugcheck 101 for about 6 months now (it happens about once per 2-3 days). I've reinstalled and updated windows7 x64, updated drivers, ran driver verifier for 24h, did ram, cpu, hdd, ssd, gpu stress tests for 10hours~, checked for bios...
  2. P

    Windows Vista BSOD internal_power_error, how to fix this ?

    Everytime i try to turn on windows normally, i get blue screen with internal power error. The only way to turn it on is to use safe mode. I attached a photo of the blue screen. I cant set screen resolution to higher than 1280x1024 in safe mode, but when i boot linux live from flash drive, it's...
  3. B

    Windows 7 ntoskrnl.exe KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR

    I have frequent BSOD that appear after gaming for about 20 minutes. I have drivers all up to date, believed to be up to date, none showing they require updating. I have attempted to supply dmp files but I run into permission issues that changing ownership and adding permissions haven't solved...
  4. hitmarker

    Windows 10 Constant BSOD in win10

    About a month ago I started getting constant BSODs from watching youtube videos to gaming and I can't find what is causing them, tried running memtest for 10 hours, it got 0 errors. Today I found out that running OCCT gets me to BSOD after a couple of minutes. I ran it a couple of times to get a...
  5. iNarek94

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 BSOD again and again

    Hello, Recently (a week ago) I have changed my motherboard, cpu and ram. At this moment I have the current configuration Corsair 550W PSU ASRock H170 Pro 4 Intel Core i5 6500 XFX R9 270X 4GB 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2133MHZ 120GB SSD Kingston V300 1TB WD HDD After struggling with drivers...
  6. grundyboy34

    Windows 10 CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION (win32kfull.sys)

    My computer has randomly started throwing this BSOD recently, error CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION(win32kfull.sys). I've used whocrashed and WinDbg on a kernal memory dump but have yet to see a problem. Trying to analyze any dump just points me to win32kfull.sys as the issue. At one point I...
  7. P

    Windows Vista Vista PC keeps getting BSOD

    My PC keeps crashing, it happens seemingly at random. Only time I know its been happening over and over again is when I shutdown, my pc goes to the "Shutting down..." screen and then bluescreens. This has only been happening like maybe a month? Im gonna attach my minidumps to this
  8. Co Kruiswyk

    Windows 10 Help BSOD !

    Just following the instructions here
  9. A

    Windows 10 Windows 10-64 bit BSOD Multiple errors when launching game(s)

    DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL (Once I have gotten (usbport.sys) and another time I got (portcls.sys)) KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER I have ran a windows memory diagnostic check and have no errors appear. I have defragged disk drives. I ran CCleaner and...
  10. K

    Windows 10 BSOD Memory Management / KNode Exception Not Handled

    Hi, I've been experiencing increasingly frequent BSODs on my system in the past month. The usual culprit is Memory Management but I occasionally get KNode_Exception... errors too. I have read multiple threads on multiple sites and WF was the closest I came to finding useful answers. It...
  11. L

    Windows 7 BSOD while reopening Application after crash

    I BSOD When I try to reopen CSGO. Minecraft, or any other game after it randomly crashes. I posted some logs below. I also posted on a couple of other forums and no one is responding so hopefully someone on here can help.
  12. M

    Windows 10 BSOD Varying Problems

    So I had Windows 8.1 and manually installed the latest nvidia drivers. This was fine for a couple of days and then I started getting BSODs repeatedly. I left the computer for a day, and when I came back the next day it worked for 20 minutes before another series of BSODs. I rang dell support and...
  13. J

    Windows 10 Critical Process died BSOD.

    Hello, recently I've getting getting numerous errors with my PC, and at first I thought it was hard drive related, however now I am not so sure. I will list problems in order from when they started happening to what's happening now (after a clean system restore) C:120G...
  14. U

    Windows XP How do I install mouse/USB drivers without a mouse to click on things?

    Dear Anyone. Hokay, here's the prob. as simple as I can make it. I've got a fairly modern computer but I have to use XP because my software hates anything else. (It's music software, old but I love it.) Suddenly, the mouse stopped working. So I dug out my Windows 7 hard drive, went online...
  15. S

    Windows 10 Memory Management BSOD Windows 10 (Crash data included) Please help, I've tried everything I can th

    Hey guys. I've been back and forth with this BSOD issue for about a year now and I'm about to lose my mind. It's a problem that's followed me since windows 8. Now some background information. Brought my computer in for repairs. Figured out one of my graphics cards was overheating. Placed a new...
  16. Starfox27

    Windows 7 Weird tdr 116 BSOD

    Hey I've recently migrated my OS to an ssd from an hdd using Acronis True Image that came with it and I've been having weird BSODs that doesn't involve gpu drivers as the main culprit (according to blue screen viewer). I've tried using W7F to autograb all the info but it gave me the error below...
  17. J

    Windows 10 BSOD Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page since update from Windows 7

    I get the error (crash) in Windows 10 several times each week and I was hoping that perhaps someone would be so kind and point out where the problem might be. In the past, I have usually opted to install new OSs fresh in order to avoid problems. This may be the only time in the last 15+ years...
  18. Ionut3

    Windows 10 so many bsods!

    Hey guys Recently I installed windows 10 and it crashed 2 times . But this is not the first time I had windows 8.1 and I had the same thing since I installed a new PC CASE (First time there was so many bsods that the pc didn't even let me enter in it so I disconnected the front pannel and then...
  19. C

    Windows 7 First BSOD on Custom PC. Stumped, Help Please.

    Hi forums, Today, I had my very first BSOD encounter with my custom rig that I built back around mid September last year. According to the dump file, it was a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE error and it was tied to ntoskrnl.exe. I ran memtest and it found no errors through 2 passes. I used the...
  20. D

    Windows 7 Random BSOD W7Hx64 when playing videos (DSPlayer/madVR/ffdshow/avisynth)

    Hi, My HTPC is exclusively used to watch videos, using Kodi DSPlayer + directshow filters. I was on Seven and never had a BSOD problem. I upgraded to W10 (clean install), and since then, randomly, but often, when I watch a video, BSODs occur. I could relate it to the use of ffdshow, itself...