1. Canine8 YT

    Windows 10 App store errors / corruption issues

    this is the second time me posting this PLZ HELP ya this happens with every app that i download from the app store... even cortana does this so i need real help happened after i reset my pc (yes i tried resetting it agian didnt work) tried clearing cache tryed uninstalling and reinstalling...
  2. J

    Windows 10 Windows Cumulative update fails to install

    Specs: 8GB RAM RX 480 i5-7500 Windows 10 Home (Currently running on version KB2565063 - the last update which correctly installed) Running Windows Firewall and Malwarebytes as Anti Virus software - as far as I know the system is on the correct time (GMT +1 or BST) The latest update...
  3. Adam Spofford

    Windows 10 Can't connect to this network

    Every so often, while doing nothing in particular on my computer, it will disconnect from my home internet. It refuses to connect to any other network, saying Can't connect to this network. Turning on and off the WiFi on the computer does nothing. Turning airplane mode on and off does nothing...
  4. G

    Can't set Headphones as Default Device.

    I'm using a Sades Model SA-901, it has worked perfectly fine until i switched to Windows 10. When i open Play Back Devices and try to set my headphones as the Default Device, the button is pressed but nothing happens. It gives me the option, but it doesn't do anything, for both sound and...
  5. SurfingGamer

    Windows 10 Bug after reseting my pc

    Ok so today i reset my pc (i kept my personal files though) because it was getting a bit slow and when it rebooted if i check the storage on my drive it still says its nearly full as it was before however when i look at my applications it says its empty. I'm not sure if the files are actually...
  6. D

    "Group" and "Sort" greyed out in quick access

    I got accustomed to the "Group by" and "Sort by" features from Quick Access pretty quickly after upgrading to Windows 10. Recently, however, both group and sort features have greyed out and have zero effect no matter the folder view I'm in (details, content, etc.) Has this happened to anyone else?