command prompt

  1. X

    Windows 10 How to get folder properties in the command line, similar to wmic datafile for files?

    To get the exact time stamp attribute of a file in the command prompt, I use: wmic datafile where name="D:\\test1.txt" get LastModified Using WMIC is necessary because the dir command can only show minutes. However, wmic datafile only works on files, not folders. I paid attention to using...
  2. R

    Windows 10 CHKDSK Error Codes and Status 50?

    My computer got stuck in a loop of restarting, then preparing for automatic repairs. I am in WinRE right now running a CHKDSK and it works for a little bit but then I get 2 error codes 1: An unspecified error occurred (6672732e637878 965) 2: An unspecified error occurred (6e74667363686b2e 1713)...
  3. Lubomir

    Windows 7 How to read commands from a text file.

    I would like to write some commands into one file and then I want the command line to read the file and do all commands inside the file. Step by step. For example: C:\Users> project1.exe < text1.txt > data1.txt C:\Users> project2.exe < text2.txt > data2.txt C:\Users> project3.exe <...
  4. aubycek

    Windows 7 Command prompt/.bat files issue

    Hello. When I create a simple .bat file (to run calculator for example), it will give me an error saying that "filename" is not recognized as an internal or external command. I am 100% sure this happens because there are some symbols before the command "calc". When I right click my .bat file and...