disk usage

  1. W

    Windows 10 My disk is at 100% and idk why

    Hi my disk is at 100% at all times even after booting up. I dont know why it, but it started happening after creating a double boot for manjaro (linux). Please explain in detail I am not experienced with computers.
  2. AkshayGaurSX

    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10 - But installation pendrive reduces it from 100 to 50%

    I did a reinstallation of windows 10 in my laptop but it created a issue of 100% disk usage and this issue is not becuase of any service or update or driver. But Actually this isuue has some relation with the USB installation pendrive Because when i inserted that pendrive, immediaetly the disk...
  3. K

    Windows 7 Windows 7 Disk Usage always 100

    Hello, I started having problems with my HDD for 2 weeks It started in Windows 10. I had to reinstall Win10 because of bugs. After reinstalling Win10, the problem with the Disk Usage started. I reinstalled it 2 times, switched to Ubuntu. Installed Windows 7. I looked at Resource Monitor and it...
  4. A

    Windows 7 Windows 10 to Windows 7 due to disk usage issue

    Hello Guys, I am kinda new here. So ,sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I use a Lenovo Y410P which came with windows 8 and I updated it to 10, when it came out. After the update startup is really really slow (windows 8 was slow as well) and I see that the disk usage is 100% all...