Windows 7 Windows 7 Disk Usage always 100


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I started having problems with my HDD for 2 weeks

It started in Windows 10. I had to reinstall Win10 because of bugs. After reinstalling Win10, the problem with the Disk Usage started. I reinstalled it 2 times, switched to Ubuntu. Installed Windows 7. I looked at Resource Monitor and it said Disk Highest Active Time 100. I don't know what I should do.

Help would be appreciated


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Have you tested your disk, it might be your harddisk?
If not download the 'Seatools for Windows' the from page and test the C-drive.

Has anything been changed or installed round the time your trouble started?
How did your system perform under Ubuntu?

That is for now to start with, but most of all Welcome to this forum!


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Please provide Make/Model of your computer back here to this thread so we may be better to advise you. Also, if your computer came with W10 and you downgraded to W7 to fix your problems, that's often not possible as W7 doesn't work well at all on computers made after July 29, 2016 (W10 anniversary cutoff).

How old is the hard drive you have? Make/Model of the hard drive too please. If it's older than 3 years old, chances are very high it's failed. If you ran Ubuntu in LiveCD mode and it worked, that means you bypassed your hard drive entirely; where you W10 and W7 live. If it worked, that just says your RAM sticks and Motherboard are ok; nothing about your hard drive, and that's why bochane is telling you to test it. If your upgraded your computer from W7 to W10; you are operating on 8 year old hardware; especially the hard drive; that's a 95% chance it's failing or failed.:eek:

Take a look here for how to test your hard drive:
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure