Windows 10 HDD 100% disk usage while SSD is Primary


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I have upgraded my HDD to SSD, installed Windows on SSD, everything works fine, I have used HDD as an external storage, worked fine, then I have used HDD caddy, replaced DVD drive with HDD caddy, Windows is starting fine as SSD primary, but when I open windows explorer it doesn't open up, I checked in the task manager that it shows, 100% disk on HDD, How to get this fixed. Thanks in Advance.

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disable superfetch services and sustain services using services.msc .
this screenshot from my asus laptop. See youtube video


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Do you think this is HDD caddy issue?

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That's an I/O Device Error!

When there is an I/O Device Error, the disk has already failed it's primary duty, and there is an extremely high chance of falling apart within a few months. Always backup files immediately when I/O Device Errors occur. If you are completely unable to access the disk and do not want to use physical data recovery labs, your best bet is HDDSuperClone on Linux, which succeeds in accomplishing the impossible when everything else refuses with Input/Output Errors. There is always the risk that continued operation will permanently destroy the data beyond recovery, and all software recovery attempts should be made at your discretion.

If this disk is under warranty, it should be replaced. Is it a Western Digital? The quality of Western Digital products has declined from excellent to horrendous, and customer reviews show a strong increase of I/O Device Errors with Western Digital products. I have two new WD Black HDDs which both had I/O Device Errors from the beginning, and one completely crumbled after 5 weeks. The WD Support website blocks an RMA as "OUT OF REGION", even though it was purchased from the Western Digital Store and never crossed borders. Western Digital uses Styrofoam, which cushions much more poorly than polyethylene foam. Styrofoam is also toxic and nearly impossible to recycle. Western Digital previously used polyethylene foam when their products were excellent. It used to be true that failing HDDs could be accurately predicted as Seagate, but nowadays failing HDDs can be predicted as Western Digital.
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