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driver updates

  1. ussnorway

    optional updates are assumed now

    so you are playing a game and your system crashed to desktop saying something about detected a error in your Gpu and please restart then when your system comes back up all your setting are gone and the display looks like shit = Microsoft took control when you try to run your Gpu software this...
  2. Freeflashtool

    Windows 11 Android USB Driver For Windows Computer

    Android USB Driver: Android USB Drivers are one of the must-have devices to be introduced on your PC or Mac. Thus, your phone cooperates with your PC. These fill in as Bridge between your Phone and your PC. The USB drivers assist us with interfacing our android phone to the PC and perform...
  3. ragnarok1968

    Windows 7 Driver easy

    * Some might not like this. but I can say since I've been a user for about a year now that, Driver Easy basically, The system knows what hardware you have in your system and knows where to get the WHQL drivers for said hardware. From their official websites. I've been on Windows 10 and rolled...