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    Windows 10 How to change default folder name

    I just bought a new laptop. First, it forced me to login through microsoft and that will be how I login to Windows, and forced me to use skype. Even worse, it forced me to have that "skype" folder. This is bad because this is the place where dropbox and many others are saved by default. I have...
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    Windows 7 The most frustrating malware/ "chrome wont open" issue I've ever had.

    Randomly, one day, I've began to have these series of errors. It began after I plugged in my new graphics card (gtx 760). I got a new gpu because my old one would crash and display red and grey lines everywhere. Since I've gotten my new one, I haven't had that issue (it was without a doubt a gpu...
  3. SkyDrive and Live Mesh Introduction

    SkyDrive and Live Mesh Introduction

    In this video presentation, I take a look at two distinct, but uniquely linked Microsoft Cloud Computing services: SkyDrive and Live Mesh. This video serves as a quick look at the two services and what they offer, without getting heavily entrenched in long explanations of how the service itself...
  4. Windows 7: Libraries, Search Index, and Online Backup

    Windows 7: Libraries, Search Index, and Online Backup

    Full Article: http://bit.ly/a1Ziaf Get Dropbox: http://bit.ly/b7lmQX In this video, I demonstrate the Library feature in Windows 7, the configuration and use of, Indexing Options, and the ability to backup your files, at any time, on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud with a product known as...