Windows 7 The most frustrating malware/ "chrome wont open" issue I've ever had.


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Randomly, one day, I've began to have these series of errors. It began after I plugged in my new graphics card (gtx 760). I got a new gpu because my old one would crash and display red and grey lines everywhere. Since I've gotten my new one, I haven't had that issue (it was without a doubt a gpu problem and not a virus). But I've had a ton of other ones, that smell like Malware. Here's what happens when I startup my computer:

1) I get a message stating that dropbox is corrupted, and that I need to run "Chkdsk.exe." This is despite the fact I uninstalled and currently have no dropbox anything on my computer, even in the roaming files.

2) The pinned chrome logo flashes white, as though it was open/opening, then goes back to normal (like a closed pinned program). I don't know why it's trying to open on startup, but whenever I try to open it after that it refuses to open and will flash white, then disappear. I don't get any windows, nothing, and Task Manager claims that nothing is happening at all. When I try to uninstall chrome, I'm told that it's open and so I can't.

So, what I did was

1) run "Chkdsk.exe."

2) install unlocker, so that on startup chrome will be deleted before it automatically opens.

The result:

1)That did nothing. Still get the dropbox popup on startup.

2) I re-downloaded chrome and opened it. It opened, with all of my bookmarks, but I get two popups: One for a skype extention and one for a Ask Adds extention. My other extentions are gone. Upon closing chrome and trying to re-open it, I get the same problem where Chrome wont open.

I checked through my computer everywhere, I can't find any suspicious program. I don't run any kind of virus detecting software, maybe I should, but most virus programs are really just viruses themselves like McCafee and Norton. What do I do from here?
Run Malwarebytes, JRT, and Hitman Pro. Remove anything they find. Post back with your results.
Run Malwarebytes, JRT, and Hitman Pro. Remove anything they find. Post back with your results.

I used Malwarebytes, deleted a few things they found, but none of it fixed my problems. All the same stuff happens. Should I try the other programs?
Yes, and you should also run Autoruns from Microsoft (don't forget to run it as Administrator) and see if there's anything funky starting up.
You can run procexp from the sysinternals suite of tools and use the cross hairs icon to target the popup, this should show you which process is generating the message. Procexp should also give you the full path, or autoruns can help locate the file. Then simply delete it. If it won't delete, in procexp use the Find option > handles. Type in the file name and it should help you ID what has a reference to the file. Close the handle by right clicking on it and select close. Then delete the file.
Uninstall Chrome, reboot, run CCleaner with registry fix, reboot, then re-install Chrome, fresh from net, not from a saved on disk.

Chrome has had some problems lately, works fine but I don't really know if I have updates or not...

Like Josephur says, in the same spirit, take OFF any auto-updates, including Windows. Only have programs to notify about updates.