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  1. Russ Du Preez

    Windows 11 Hacked - Fileless Malware : how do I block incoming requests through bluetooth/wifi at the login screen?

    My main question is does anyone know how to block incoming requests through bluetooth/wifi at the login screen? Everything below is an explanation of what is currently happening to my system: I have been getting hacked this past year. My router is Wi-Fi 6. I am not getting hacked though the...
  2. H

    Windows 10 Please help with malware

    Today Windows Defender started giving me notifications about "Hive.yz" which is apparently ransomware and it won't shut up about it. I've clicked "Block" under the "Actions" tab after clicking the notification each time but it hasn't helped. Currently performing a full scan of my computer after...
  3. Redsona

    Windows 10 Malware aftermath

    So I accidently ran an app I never meant to download, I got it off my computer but windows is still looking for it every time I load windows. Is there any way I can stop this from happening? This pops up when windows boots: Thanks!
  4. Neemobeer

    Avoid Software From These Countries Like the Plague

    You should always be careful what you do on the Internet in general and installing software is no exception. Anything from Russia, China or North Korea is bad news in most cases. A great example...
  5. Neemobeer

    Windows 7 Targeted Malware Increased 125%

    If you weren't already aware, Windows 7 reached end of life this year on January 14th 2020. End of life or EOL means the operating system vendor, in this case Microsoft, will no longer develop updates to address security issues within the software. Partly due to the fact that Windows 7 has...
  6. Neemobeer

    A Breakdown of the Emotet Malware (Stage 1)

    While working the on-call rotation at work last week I received a reported phishing email. Like all the other emails I do an analysis to determine if it's a false positive or truly a phishing email. As it turns out this email was indeed a phishing email that tried to convince a user to click...
  7. J

    Anti Malware Software Crash Tests

    Hi guys, who use similar "crash test" articles with software reviews? Tried & Tested: 5 Best Anti-Malware Software for 2019 I'm selecting a tool for an upgrade of my home security infrastructure and want to switch to Norton from Avast. Though, Total AV looks even more attractive by the reviews...
  8. Neemobeer

    Analysis of Malware Spread Via Email

    If you're not familiar with ISC (Internet Storm Center) and you're interested in cyber security or just want to learn about malware, attack vectors and how they work check them out here. They do a lot of malware break downs as well as other cyber security related articles (threat trends, useful...
  9. ragnarok1968

    Google: huge malware protective features coming.

    Link: Google announces Chrome features to combat malicious software Credit: Neowin.net Today, Google announced some new security features that it's bringing to its Chrome browser. It adds up to some basic anti-malware protection that many users can benefit from. The first is called hijacked...
  10. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Windows Hardening Guide: Locating and Removing Debuggers

    Applies to: Windows 7 and newer *(will work on older Windows versions) Description: This tutorial will help you locate configured debuggers and remove them About Vulnerability: This isn't necessarily a vulnerability. The intended purpose is for debugging applications by redirecting to a real...
  11. T

    How do things like malware, spyware and trojans get onto computer?

    How do things like malware, spyware and trojans get onto computer? Opening dodgy email attachmens or running executable files downloaded off the internet - ok, I get it. I understand the concept of an infected executable file. But except for that? How can stuff like possibly that get onto...
  12. ksuthayya

    Windows 10 MyStarting123 Browser Hijacker - Just can't delete, TRIED EVERYTHING

    Hi, My PC was infected with some Malware a couple of days ago and since then I've just been scanning and deleting unwated programs and software. No matter which anti-virus/anti-malware programs I use to scan and then quarantine and delete the infected files, the damn Mystarting123...
  13. Mike

    Latest "WannaCry" Malware Threat: Random guy activates killswitch

    In one of the more serious malware attacks in recent years, primarily because it has attacked networked healthcare infrastructure, a lone 22-year old researcher may have successfully activated a killswitch to prevent the "WannaCry" or "WanaCryptor 2.0" from spreading to new systems. The recent...
  14. ragnarok1968

    NEWS Google Chrome scam could inject malware into your computer

    Link Removed A Google Chrome scam that could infect your computer with malware continues to pose a threat to users, according to cybersecurity experts. Last month security company Proofpoint warned that hackers can inject script into poorly-protected web pages. The script, which targets the...
  15. Neemobeer

    Free tool to protect your MBR

    Here is a article about a tool that can help protect your systems MBR from being overridden by malware. It offers similar protections to newer computers using Secure Boot/UEFI. The easiest way to tell if you are booting legacy vs. UEFI is when the computer first boots. If you see the Windows...
  16. S

    Windows 7 Can windows temp folder contain other temp folders?

    Hello everyone I can see on my network that there is a windows machine in which the temp folder contains another temp folder: temp/temp10634534/setup.exe This seems to be trying to download a file called lare.exe. Is it normal for a temp folder to contain another temp folder? I was...
  17. P

    20-year-old Windows 'print-driver' bug

    seems important enough to post here in our community … and this is in regard to installing "innocuous" print-drivers (on the fly) that can allow infestation of malware … seems microsoft has contained a rather substantial hole in their fabric. happened to come...
  18. Brunette

    Windows 8 Virus/malware?

    Hi everyone, Today my computer started working very slowly and I couldn't open Malwarebytes anymore. When I, later today, tried to get it out of sleep mode, it shut itself off. When I tried to reboot, it shut itself off again. The second time it worked though, and everything seemed normal...
  19. D

    Windows 7 The most frustrating malware/ "chrome wont open" issue I've ever had.

    Randomly, one day, I've began to have these series of errors. It began after I plugged in my new graphics card (gtx 760). I got a new gpu because my old one would crash and display red and grey lines everywhere. Since I've gotten my new one, I haven't had that issue (it was without a doubt a gpu...
  20. Process Explorer and Malware Elimination

    Process Explorer and Malware Elimination

    In this video, Joe Stackhouse and Mike Fara discuss Process Explorer, and its unique abilities to diagnose system processes, including malware infections.