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    microsoft edge won't open

    when i click the edge icon the edge screen opens for just a second and goes away. is there a fix for this ? i read the post by DavidESP but was unable to follow what he did to solve the prob. has there been any recent updates to address this ?
  2. G

    Windows 10 Unable to view Video

    Hi, I was part of the Preview program since the start and throught the preview updates, I could play video fine, now though, it seems like MS Edge is just refusing to play Video, and I have no idea why. It used to run YouTube vids fine, but now, no video at all work. The closest I have come to...
  3. D

    Windows 10 Microsoft Edge doesn't open

    Hello to all. I'm trying to explain my problema quickly. I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 above one month ago, all worked great (I had been using Microsft Edge as default navigator without any problem). But now, today, surrently Microsoft Edge is not working. I try to start it...
  4. H

    Edge Poor video quality

    Just look at this.. E92MLPv.jpg
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    Windows 10 Taskbar, internet and OneDrive don't work

    Good day, community! One day I tried Groove to find my music and assigned it to search on :C, which gave me over 7k titles. So when I tried to change where it should search again, nothing happened, after which I decided to restart the pc to see if anything has changed. It has indeed. After the...
  6. A

    Can't access internet in Microsoft apps(only).

    I upgraded to windows 10 recently. The upgrade was smooth, but to my disappointment I couldn't access internet in my microsoft apps(edge, cortana, feedback etc..) whereas chrome gets internet just as usual. Cortana says "Internet and I aren't talking right now". It felt funny in the beginning...
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