1. L

    Bit Locker Encryption : Not Ready

    I am facing an issue while encrypting Bit Locker on 'HP Z4 G4' model, Device is getting encrypted but 'Bit Locker Readiness' status is showing "Not Ready". Can anyone help me to resolve this issue as I tried to find the solution but no luck. It is showing PCR7 Configuration 'Binding Not Possible'
  2. Z

    Windows 10 WMI API to know whether the drive is READ/WRITE Protected.

    We've encrypted a drive using bit locker drive encryption. After unlocking the drive, Is there any WMI API's available to get the status of drive? Like, whether it is write protected or not.
  3. F

    Windows 7 Cannot move encrypted files to new system.

    Hey guys, I have a unit with a dead motherboard but with other stuff working like the hard drive and power supply. So I decided to change the motherboard only. Then I removed the hard drive and placed in on an enclosure to back up my previous files so I can perform a clean install of windows...
  4. LUGUY

    Windows 7 Xerox Work Centre 3615 "Scan to Email

    Using I MAP or POP3; gmail or at&t? Step by Step settings on CWIS. Who have Solutions, Thank you.
  5. Nauman

    Windows 10 Why windows encrypted files opens in android without decryption?

    I have some pictures files encrypted in windows. When I transferred that encrypted files in android, the mobile show them as normal without decrypt. With this the purpose of encryption becomes vain. What is the reason behind this and how can we secure our personal data with encryption?
  6. D

    Best Alternative to Bitlocker – password safe USB stick?

    Hi, Formerly, on my business laptop I´ve used Bitlocker with the Win pro edition. But now I changed my PC and to a home edition without Bitlocker. Therefore I am looking for a similar alternative, mainly to password save my external USB stick. The documents and information on that USB are not...