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  1. Axel PC

    How long should you keep an external HD?

    How long should you keep an external HD? I've had this external for about 4/5 years now. I use it back up about 250 GB of photos, videos, and documents. What are you thoughts or tips about how long you should keep an external HD used for back ups? Oh yeah I know solid states have that benefit of...
  2. N

    Windows 10 External drives won't display their labels properly in file explorer.

    All of my external drives won't display their labels properly in file explorer while it shows properly in disk manager. Attached file says everything.
  3. Karen Grube

    Windows 10 Forced Windows 10 update damaged my attached external USB hard drive

    I had a problem with a Windows 10 update process a couple of months ago that caused a USB-connected external hard drive to be corrupted and inaccessible. I was actually accessing the drive (searching for a file) when a Windows 10 update forced me to "shutdown and update." The system ground to a...
  4. P

    Windows 10 Win10 HP Laptop won't recognize HP external optical drive

    I have a 2016 HP Spectre Notebook, product Number T9Y18AV. It has two USBc ports. I am trying to connect an HP External USB DVDRW Drive, Product number: F2B56UT. Windows explorer shows HP DVD assigned to the letter Z:. When I clecik on that drive, I get the error message, "To gain access to...
  5. C

    Windows 7 CHKDSK is frustrating

    Whats up guys, since I wasn't able to copy files off of my external drive anymore, I decided to run chkdsk which hopefully will fix the problem. It has been running since 11 hours now and is still at stage 1 and 0 % which is frustrating especially, after a quick calculation, that it will be...
  6. J

    Windows 7 Can't change icons on folders on imported disk in Windows 7

    I had a catastrophic failure, just created a new Windows 7 Ultimate system with very little installed. I attached a disk drive from the previous system that has data on it (it wasn't damaged). All files are accessible but I CANNOT CHANGE THE ICONS ON ANY OF THE FOLDERS. I've done all of the...
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