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  1. T

    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    Hello all, I lately been trying to find a simple, lightweight antivirus program for my PC and my Android phone. Many antivirus programs have all of these features now like VPN, child/parent watching, encrypt files/vault storage, password managers and so on. All I want is a antivirus that...
  2. kemical

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Creators Update

    Microsoft held a press event today in New York to announce the 'Windows 10 Creators Update'. This new update, which is free by the way, will be with us in early 2017 and contains some exciting announcements. Microsoft have released a blog detailing some of the specifics which is included...
  3. Garv Maggu

    Windows 10 DEFAULT Screenshots of "Turn Windows Features ON or OFF" ?

    Can somebody just post the whole screenshots of "Turn Windows Features ON or OFF" dialog box with all the sub-sections and sub-boxes? I just messed up with turning random features on and off. That's why I need them. Please post images just like I attached the images with all the sub-sections...
  4. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Review

    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Review

    In this video, Windows 7 Forums' Joe Stackhouse and Mike Fara review the changes in Windows 7 Service Pack (SP1).