file corrupt

  1. mashrafi

    Windows 11 Somehow a program created wrute protected a volume G(dvd drive)

    I tried to installed an iso file(fifa8).It didn't worked out.It created a new disk on my pc and made all the files untouchabe.There is no delete option.Disk manager can't format it.Diskpart can't delete it.It is just untouchable.I don't feel healthy to keep it as it is.Can't even delete the iso...
  2. S

    Windows 7 My computer says the file or directory is corrupt or unreadable when installing windows

    Hey guys, When I switched on my computer yesterday I got the article logo with a couple of different options like press f2 or del to run BIOS setup. I searched a bit around the internet and I thought there was a problem with my windows. So, I went for a windows installation. But when it was at...