Windows 7 My computer says the file or directory is corrupt or unreadable when installing windows

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Hey guys,
When I switched on my computer yesterday I got the article logo with a couple of different options like press f2 or del to run BIOS setup. I searched a bit around the internet and I thought there was a problem with my windows. So, I went for a windows installation. But when it was at 0% I got this message:

the file or directory C:\$WINDOWS~BT\sources\Rollback\diagerr.xml is corrupt and unreadable please check the chkdsk utility
And when I clicked ok I got this message:
Windows setup could not reinitialize the deployment engine to install windows. Restart the installation.
Is the problem with my windows installation disk or My hard drive? And how do I solve it?
Oh and my computer is a desktop PC of custom build.
Thanks in advance.
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This problem is usually indicative of a failing hard drive or sometimes simple windows corruption. Have you tried going into your computer's SAFE MODE, and using the built-in SYSTEM RESTORE to attempt to rollback your windows to a point in time prior to when you observed the problem first occurring. This may well fix the problem! :up:

If it doesn't, it's very likely to be a failed hard drive.:headache: Since you have W7 on this computer, it's now 7 years old (going on 8 yrs. old) and if you've never replaced the hard drive since you've owned it that could be the problem. Remember that modern hard drives (built >2009) are only designed to last 3 years in desktop PCs.:eek: To test your hard drive and repair your W7 damage, replace the hard drive if errors are returned. Use the Troubleshooting Guide I wrote for step-by-step instructions on how to do this available here: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar

Post back if you get stuck along the way. The Guide is 6-8 pages long; make sure to read it all the way through and be patient. This process normally takes beginners 2-3 days to 1 week to go through.

Best of luck,:encouragement:
The $Windows~BT folder is the download location for the Windows 10 upgrade. If the upgrade is botched you'll probably need to do a clean install.