windows installation

  1. sava2na

    Windows 10 How to Install Windows 10 on blank SSD

    Old hard drive was incredibly slow, so I had an SSD installed to replace it. (I still have the hard drive and have ordered a shell and USB cable combo for it if that helps.) I didn't want to pay for any other work, so I need to know what I do now to get Windows 10 back. I did write down my...
  2. S

    Windows 7 My computer says the file or directory is corrupt or unreadable when installing windows

    Hey guys, When I switched on my computer yesterday I got the article logo with a couple of different options like press f2 or del to run BIOS setup. I searched a bit around the internet and I thought there was a problem with my windows. So, I went for a windows installation. But when it was at...
  3. Z

    Windows 10 MUCH needed windows 10 install help !!!

    The other day i had finished my pc build, i installed windows 10 but none of the drivers were working so i decided to downgrade to win 8 by reseting the hard drives using the tool built into windows 10 THEN reformatting / deleting them before install . I couldn't downgrade so i went back to 10...
  4. N

    Windows 8 black screen

    I have an Asus k551ln... I boot from usb flash to install windows 8.1, there is an error says the system can't be installed because *something* GPT partition i don't remember... i restarted the computer and went to the bios settings, changed the booting priority then saved and restart..... it...