Windows 10 MUCH needed windows 10 install help !!!


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The other day i had finished my pc build, i installed windows 10 but none of the drivers were working so i decided to downgrade to win 8 by reseting the hard drives using the tool built into windows 10 THEN reformatting / deleting them before install . I couldn't downgrade so i went back to 10, now im trying to reinstall windows 10 with a flash drive and 2 things are happening.
1. I everything is fine until it starts installing to the hard drive, it will install the files and on the 3rd step it would restart the computer BACK to the first install page where it says "install now".
~i reformatted all my hard drives during the install and tried again and it still does it.

2. I put in the product key and it goes to the page where it ask me to select a drive. then i get this message
"windows cannot be installed to this disk.the selected disk has a MBR partition table. On EFI systems windows can only be installed to GPT disk" PLEASE HELP

MOBO - z91 Killer 1150
Intel i5 4690k


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You just stuffed up the usb boot, mbr is the old type and you need a tool that can make a iso into gpt bootable usb (or disc) rufus (get it from here) can make this type of boot.
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A correctly done USB install drive will boot to either Legacy or UEFI. If your system is set to only boot one or the other, you will have to use the Boot Device Menu or the Bios and set it to boot the way you want.

But just so we are clear, how are you wanting to install the system? The attachment shows a MBR configuration.

The last thing is a Windows install cannot change the configuration of a drive, MBR to GPT or vice versa, unless there are no partitions on it. The attachment shows two partitions, so if you wanted to do a Clean install in UEFI mode, you would need to delete those first.
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I assumed he formatted those drives from this screen as the Windows (mbr or gpt) toolkit will let you format but not install but thats a good point.
Good post everyone; :)I haven't run into this yet with the Win10 upgrades as I don't have any machines of my own with UEFI BIOSes. But lots of my Customers have them, especially newer laptops. It's gonna be interesting dealing with this. Good to know that WinX wants GPT as default disk format.