Windows 10 How to Install Windows 10 on blank SSD


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Old hard drive was incredibly slow, so I had an SSD installed to replace it. (I still have the hard drive and have ordered a shell and USB cable combo for it if that helps.) I didn't want to pay for any other work, so I need to know what I do now to get Windows 10 back. I did write down my Windows 10 ID before the new install but I don't have any install disks.
It is easy to do it.

1. Connect your new SSD to the motherboard.

2. Create a bootable USB flash drive with the media creation tool.

3. Reboot your computer and set boot in the USB flash drive. You will enter the Windows 10 installation window.

4. Follow the installation instruction to install it. When it remind you to enter the activation code, type it.

5. Windows will configure your computer automatic, what you should do is wait.