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    Windows 10 Remote File Manager, from phone etc.

    Hi Is there an program for Windows 10 that gives me a way to work with files remotely? In the way that if I start an file operation, it will finnish it without me staying connected. Like in the Qfile app for Qnap nas, if you start copy of a big file, you don't have to stay connected for it to...
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    Windows 10 Get rid of "Type" column everywhere in File Explorer

    In File Explorer/Manager the info column called Type appears almost everywhere on my PCs, apparently by default. I do not like it - it's an excessively wordy equivalent for File Extension, that takes up far too much space. I know how to eliminate it for selected groups of folders; but doing it...
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    File Manager

    I recently bought a new system and have been doing a lot of "file stuff", so I realized (again) how many features Windows (10 in this case) File Manager lacks. I have used Power Desk for many years, so I bought the "new" version PD 9) and have had several issues. The publisher (Avanquest/V-Com)...
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    Streaked Photos

    I had uploaded a ton of photos from a vacation from my Iphone into various folders on my laptop. I wanted to make a copy of the folders so I could edit/delete some of the pictures to make a slideshow without disturbing the originals. When I copied a group of originals into a new folder, many...